In StateOut of State
AI Surveillance (ELISA or AGID)$0.54 $1.08
Adeno,Big liver spleen, SE/ST$2.25 $4.50
APV$2.25 $4.50
HI MG or MS$1.08 $2.16
HI IBV (Four Antigens)$4.32 $8.64
Other HI(NDV)$1.08 $2.16
MGMS ELISA$1.83 $3.66
Pullorum tube$0.38 $0.76
Pullorum plate$0.38 $0.76
Organ/Formalin per/slide$8.00 $16.00
Virus isolation $27.00 $54.00
PCR (IBV, LT, AI, etc) (per pool)$18.20 $36.40
Myco (per pool)$27.00 $54.00
Antigen Capture Immunoassay for AI (Zoetis)$7.56 $15.12
Clostridium culture$6.00 $12.00
Clostridium culture + identification$16.00 $32.00
BAX PCR Salmonella test$17.00 $34.00
Campylobacter culture$10.80 $21.60
Identification$12.00 $24.00
RC-Salmonella (egg test per pool) SE-neg$12.96 $25.92
RC-Salmonella (egg test per pool) SE-pos$22.68 $45.36
PCR-SE$25.00 $50.00
Quant:Coliform$7.56 $15.12
Quant:Ecoli$7.56 $15.12
Quant:TPC+$7.56 $15.12
Quant:Yeast/Mold$7.56 $15.12
Salmonella Serotyping$15.00 $30.00
Salmonella Culture -$6.48 $12.96
Salmonella Culture +$22.68 $45.36
Private Owner (tests included) No charge$75.00
Commercial Poultry (tests included)$21.60 $43.20 + test fees
Specimens submittedSee fee schedule aboveSee fee schedule above
Chick Quality $5.40 $10.80
Mouse Botulism Bioassay$50.00
Mileage for farm inspection$.58/per mile
Mileage for hatchery plating/inspection$.58/per mile
Signing of Health Certificate (17-6)$30.00
Private Owner NPIP Membership$25.00 / annual + additional fees (Please call for details)
Signing of CVI$10.00
NPIP Field Visit$75.00
NPIP Field Visit S. Ga$150.00

SUPPLIESIn StateOut of State
AI BHI Kit (large)$3.00 $6.00
AI BHI Kit (small)$1.75 $3.50
Band (leg)$0.09 $0.18
Banding plier$21.60 $43.20
Blade #11$0.65 $1.30
Blade handle #3$16.20 $32.40
Blood agar plate$0.93 $1.86
Boot swab$1.35 $2.70
Cardboard cover$0.52 $1.04
Cooked meat 8mL$1.60 $3.20
Field Biosecurity kit$3.25 $6.50
Formalin jar$1.00 $2.00
Petri dish$0.15 $0.30
Plastic tube 50mL$0.19 $0.38
Plastic zip -top bag (6x9)$0.04 $0.08
Polyester swab applicator$0.09 $0.18
Poster (All in) 3 language$4.75 $9.50
Poster (AI)N/C$2.00
Poster (Biosecurity Principles)$2.00 $4.00
Poster (Gamebird)$2.00 $4.00
Poster (LT)$2.00 $4.00
Poster (Mycoplasma)$2.00 $4.00
Poster (Newcastle (NDV)$2.00 $4.00
Poster (Salmonella)$2.00 $4.00
Pullorum antigen (bottle)$147.45 $294.90
Sharps container$5.40 $10.80
Sharps container Disposal$16.20 $32.40
Trachea swab (wet)$0.49 $0.98
Trachea swab (dry)$0.19 $0.38
Tube connical 50mL$0.19 $0.38
Whirlpak bag 18 oz$0.26 $0.52

MEDIAIn StateOut of StateLead time in business daysShelf Life
BHI tube 3mL$0.16 $0.32 Tube3 days12 MO
BHI tube 5.5mL$0.32 $0.64 Tube3 days12 MO
Buffered Peptone Water, 400mL$0.76 $1.52 Bottle3 days6 MO
Contact plate$0.77 $1.54 Plate3 days3 MO
Nutrient broth 10mL$0.49 $0.98 Tube3 days6 MO
Sabourad Dextrose agar$0.38 $0.76 Plate5 days3 MO
Siliconized tube in rack kit (25 tubes includes cardboard cover and zip-top baggie)$2.50 $5.00 Kit5 days3 MO
Siliconized tube in rack kit (50 tubes includes cardboard cover and zip-top baggie)$5.00 $10.00 Kit5 days3 MO
Siliconized tube in rack kit (100 tubes includes cardboard cover and zip-top baggie)$10.00 $20.00 Kit5 days3 MO
Siliconized 12x75 straight tubes (bag of 1000)$50.00 $100 Bag5 days3 MO
Siliconized bullet tubes (bag of 1000)$50.00 $100 Bag5 days3 MO
Non-Siliconized bullet tubes (bag of 1000)$50.00 $100 Bag5 days3 MO
TSA (Tryptose Soy Agar) Plate$0.38 $0.76 Plate5 days3 MO

Please note:

1. Out of state fees are all double.

2. International fees: International samples are charged at the out of State rate in addition to a $75 handling fee. These fees apply to 10 groups of Serology, Virology, Bacteriology samples. For sample groups over 10 groups the handling fee is doubled. Histology samples are charged at the out of state rate in addition to $75 handling fee per 5 bags of samples, over 5 bags the fee is doubled.

3. For water samples for chemical analysis please send directly to MMILabs

4. All media and supplies are charged at our cost. To order media supplies email Media or call 770-766-6843 or 770-766-6844 to discuss your needs. Items are made to order, lead times are approximate based on availability, shipping fee will apply (unless a prepaid shipping label is provided).

5. New supplies may be added to the list. Prices are subject to change.

6. Lab results are available online, email, telephone, fax and postal mail. Please contact the lab where the submission was made to request your preferred method of reporting.