BREWS (Bronchitis Early Warning System) is a monthly notification report of infectious bronchitis (IB) to Georgia poultry industry stakeholders.

IB is a contagious viral disease of chickens that mostly causes respiratory signs and negatively affects productivity. All commercial chickens are vaccinated against the disease. Every few years, a variant virus that is different from existing vaccine IB strains emerges and can successfully infect vaccinated chicken populations and cause clinical disease.

BREWS describes Georgia’s IB data for three geographic regions:

  • Northeast
  • Northwest
  • South

And provides the following information:

  • An updated list of vaccine serotypes used in each region.
  • IB serotypes isolated during the month by GPLN and PDRC.
  • A map showing from where variant serotypes have been isolated.
  • A graph of the IB and Newcastle ELISA disease titers in market age broilers. Titers tend to increase when IB (or Newcastle) virus are circulating in chicken populations.

The intended use of the BREWS report is for industry to make biosecurity and vaccination decisions for IB based on local, up-to-date laboratory information.

If you would like access to the BREWS report, please send an email to

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