About Us

Our Mission Statement

We provide monitoring and diagnostic services from farm to table to contribute to the safety and health of poultry flocks, eggs, and poultry products.

Who We Are

“We support the poultry industry and other bird owners by providing health monitoring and veterinary diagnostic services specific to poultry. We are in partnership with the poultry industry, government agencies and other laboratories for the prevention, management and control of poultry disease outbreaks state wide. We participate in emergency preparedness programs for Avian Influenza and Exotic Newcastle Disease.”

GPLN works closely with the commercial poultry industry to keep Georgia’s poultry industry healthy. We provide a range of services from disease monitoring and testing to chick quality assurance to hatchery inspections. Please visit the services section of the GPLN website for a complete list of the services we have to offer. We strive to provide quick results and reporting. We can report the test results to you in a method that is best for your company either by fax or email. If there is anyway we can improve our services or meet your needs, please let us know.


2021-2022 NAHLN Certificate