Q: What are the hours of operation?
A: The Gainesville lab is open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Call for hours at the Forsyth lab. Our Tifton location is by appointment only. For contact and location information, please click here.
Q: Is the lab closed for holidays?
A: Yes, the lab observes all major U.S. holidays. Please click here for holiday hours.
Q: Does the GPLN give tours?
A: Yes, the GPLN is happy to provide guided tours of our facility for those ages 10 and up. To find out more information and schedule your tour, please contact the front office at 770-766-6810 ext. 2.
Q: How do I get my backyard flock NPIP registered?
A: Call our NPIP department at 770-766-6818. We will be happy to assist you. You can also follow this link for further information on registering your flock with NPIP.
Q: What happens during the NPIP visit for a backyard flock owner?
A: A GPLN authorized testing agent will obtain a blood sample through the wing to test for Avian Influenza and Salmonella pullorum. If requested, additional testing can be done on the blood sample obtained, but it will be an additional charge.
Q: Where can I find a list of tests offered and fees?
A: You can find our list of fees and tests offered under the Fees page.
Q: When can I expect my results?
A: Due to the nature of some tests, please inquire as to the status of your results if you have not received a report within 7-10 business days. Many serological results are completed well before this time, but some tests in bacteriology and virology have longer processing times.
Q: What is the portal?
A: The portal is where our commercial poultry industry customers can quickly and easily view their results.
Q: Is it for all customers?
A: Currently, the portal is only for use by our commercial poultry industry customers.
Q: Can I see my test results on the portal?
A: Yes, if you are one of our commercial industry customers, you can view your company’s test results through the portal. Contact Len Chappell (770-766-6819) or Bethany Coggin (770-766-6824) for training on how to optimize your portal usage.
Q: Birds in my flock are dying, what should I do?
A: Click the blue Avian Influenza Hotline button at the top of this screen and complete the form. Or call 770-766-6850 to describe the condition of the flock and a GPLN veterinarian will let you know what to do next.
Q: My flock has worms and mites, who should I call?
A: The University of Georgia has a poultry extension service that can answer poultry husbandry and health questions. You can visit their website at www.poultry.uga.edu/extension or call 706-542-1325.
Q: Does the GPLN only provide diagnostic services for chickens?
A: No, GPLN provides diagnostic services for all types of poultry.
Q: Where at the lab building do I bring samples or birds?
A: The main lab in Gainesville has a drive-up window at the receiving entrance on Gateway Centre Parkway. For South GA lab sample drop-off locations, please call 478-994-1219.
Q: How do I get my birds tested?
A: Testing is scheduled through the GPLN NPIP department call 770-766-6818 and we will schedule an appointment to come test your birds.
Q: Where can I find some basic information on small flock biosecurity, bird health and how they relate to my participation in auctions and events?
A: Under the Disease Information page of the website, you can find the ‘Small Flock Owner Guide to Bird Health’ along with other links to information on common poultry diseases. For any additional questions on bird health and biosecurity not covered in the guide, please call 770-766-6810 and ask to speak with Customer Service.
Q: What GPLN lab is nearest to my flock?
A: Find a list of Lab locations at the bottom of this page. Click the ‘MORE INFO’ links to go to each location’s page.