Q: Birds in my flock are dying, what should I do?
A: Click the blue Avian Influenza Hotline button at the top right of this screen and complete the form. Or call 770-766-6850 to describe the condition of the flock and a GPLN veterinarian will let you know what to do next.

Q: My flock has worms and mites, who should I call? 
A: The University of Georgia has a poultry extension service that can answer poultry husbandry and health questions. You can visit their website at www.poultry.uga.edu/extension or call 706-542-1325.

Q: Does the GPLN only provide diagnostic services for chickens?
A: No GPLN provides diagnostic services for all types of poultry.

Q: Where at the lab building do I bring samples or birds?
A: The main lab in Gainesville has a drive up window. For South GA lab sample drop off locations please call 478-994-1219.

Q: How do I get my birds tested?
A: Testing is scheduled through the GPLN NPIP department call  770-766-6818 and we will schedule an appointment to come test your birds.

Q: What GPLN lab is nearest to my flock?
A: Find a list of Lab locations below.

Gainesville Lab
Forsyth Lab
Tifton Lab By Appointment only.