GPLN Gainesville Lab


Dr. James Davis, Veterinary Director

Facility Information

3235 Abit Massey Way
Gainesville, GA 30507
GPS/GIS -83.75321 34.35586
Phone 770-766-6810
Fax 770-297-7526


Laboratory hours and sample intake
Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM

Supply deliveries

On-Site Services

The main laboratory facility is 39,000 sq ft. The laboratory is made up of 8 departments: Administration, NPIP, BSL3, Bacteriology, Necropsy, Histology, Serology, Virology Receiving and Media Preparation. The facility also has a reception area, a large and a small meeting room, a break room, a mezzanine with a view into the labs.